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"A Heritage Remembrance"
-- Collected Essays from the West Point Class of 1971 -- 



On behalf of the Heritage Committee of the West Point Class of 1971, you are invited to compose a special essay paying tribute -- honoring -- our 'father's generation' for their influence on our lives, given the life and times in which they lived.  Our goal is to produce-publish collected essays bearing testimony to the people of that quintessential period of history -- commonly referred to as the WW II generation -- who influenced our lives and shaped us into the Class of 1971.  May this heritage remembrance leave a legacy to our own children. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A Special Book to Commemorate Our 'Father's Generation'

and the Life and Times in which They Lived

The word, "Fathers," is used in a generic sense, i.e., parental heritage.  Typically the word 'fathers' means a male father, but it could be broadened to include mothers, or special others whose lives imparted a lasting impact upon us. 


Essay length -- 250-500 words length, with one or two photographs, for no more than 2-pages.


Essay content -- each essay should speak to the life and times of our 'father's generation,' set generally during World War II time frame, during which 'America went to war' as a whole nation.  The Korean War time-frame is also appropriate, as well as the other unique and historically momentous times that characterized their generation. The essays should be written from the perspective of our father's generation and their view of life, as opposed to today's contemporary society.


The essays should not be restricted to war-time stories; rather, in a broader sense, the essays should speak to 'Heritage' impacts outside the war effort.


Classmates should be focused -- warm, loving -- yet making real, or accentuating, the poignant life of their "fathers" and how they speak to the Class of 1971 today.


To submit your essay content, please use the ONLINE ESSAY FORM below.  If honoring more than one individual in a single essay, (e.g. both parents), additionally complete section #2 Verterans/Honorees Credentials on the form: 







We offer the following guidance:

May it be said of our class:  we will never forget the heritage and sacrifices of our fathers.

Mick Erickson ~ John Brown ~ John Marsala ~ Tim Wray ~ Rick Rowe ~ Jedd Keith ~ Larry Davis

Michael Erickson​​
Class of 1971 

​Fallston, Maryland   

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